Violin & Viola Lessons in Hillsboro, OR 

Getting a Violin

Allegro Violins    [Great rental rates & customer service]

MIR Music  Downtown Hillsboro on Main St. 

David Kerr Violin Shop  SE Portland - excellent instruments 

G & G Music  Beaverton repair shop & instruments  

What will you learn in lessons? 

​Students study at their own pace with an emphasis on technique & ear training. After learning the basics of holding the violin & playing with the best sound possible students will spend time studying

​note reading, rhythmic exercises, music theory & scales so that they develop into well rounded musicians, as well as string players. 

​Parents are asked to attend lessons for students under age 12, taking notes and helping coach practice at home during the week (and are always welcome to attend lessons with older students). Young students are most successful when we form a team of Student - Parent - Teacher & all work together in lessons and home practice.  It's ok if you don't have a music background, Mrs. Goodner will give you the tools you need to do this!  

Studio Events 

Each year we hold two formal recitals (with piano accompanist) and have other opportunities for students to perform as the year goes on.  In the 2014-15 school year we will have a Friends & Family Recital and two different groups of students will perform in the lobby of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall before an Oregon Symphony Concert this year.  

Monthly group classes give students a chance to play together, learn ensemble skills, and give great motivation to practice during the weeks between classes.  Classes take place one Saturday each month (5 - 7pm depending on their level) and the cost of each class is included in tuition.  

Tuition 2016-2017

Tuition includes 30 private lessons (Labor Day - Memorial Day) & monthly group events.

There is a $60 recital fee for each student once per calendar year & a $60 Registration fee due each June 1st to reserve your spot for fall.

​20 minute weekly lessons  -  $1080 or monthly tuition of $110 Sept - May

30 minute weekly lessons - $1400  or monthly tuition of $140 Sept - June 

45 minute weekly lessons - $1900 or monthly tuition of $190 Sept - June 

60 minute weekly lessons - $2400 or monthly tuition of $240 Sept - June 

Summer lessons are taught June - August and are more flexible.  Each student should sign up for 6 lessons over the three months. I will publish my schedule for the summer and students can sign up depending on their schedule each week. Brookside Suzuki Strings is a year round program, so students will take summer lessons to keep their spot for September. 

Program Details 

Brookside Suzuki Strings

Weekly Private lessons are offered for Students ages 3-18

There are 20, 30, 45 & 60 minute lessons available depending on the age & level of the student.

Most preschool aged students start with 20 minute lessons, most others with 30 minutes.  

​Lessons are offered Monday - Saturday depending on your schedule and openings in Mrs. Goodner's teaching schedule.